(Video) Ryan Reynolds went crazy during Wrexham’s FA Cup thriller😂

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Wrexham owner, Ryan Reynolds was sent on an emotional rollercoaster during his side’s FA Cup tie against Sheffield United on Sunday.

The magic of the FA Cup is probably the most overused line in English football but if it was going to be used for any occasion, it would’ve been reserved for non-league Wrexham’s clash with Sheffield United on Sunday afternoon.

The Welsh team went toe to toe with the second-best team in the Championship and almost pulled off a historic win. But fell at the final hurdle when they conceded an equaliser in the 95th minute, the game finished 3-3 and will now be settled in a replay.

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Wrexham have garnered global recognition because of its celebrity owners, Ryan Reynolds and Rob Mclhenney, along with the Hulu series which follows the team as they try to climb back up the ladder.

Reynolds was in attendance at the game and almost fell out of his box as the back-and-forth game reached its climax.