Video: Rugby player gets straight red for throwing referee into the air

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Things got out of hand in the final minute of a French D2 rugby union game between Beziers and Nevers as one of the Nevers players took celebrations a little too far. 

The referee had a controversial call to make in the final seconds and when the call finally went Nevers way, winger Josaia Raisuqe lost his absolute mind as he threw the referee into the air like some kind of toddler. Players, fans at home and even pundits were in shock at his actions with the majority absolutely lost for words.

Once the referee’s feet touched the ground and he realised what had just happened he reached into his pocket to produce a red card for the back. Maybe Josaia was just trying to show off his skills to the forward coach that he would happily lift in the lineout.

Pictures courtesy of Canal+

We really don’t know what to say about this one.

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