VIDEO: Randy Orton burns Bray Wyatt to death at WWE TLC

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Check out this extreme stunt at WWE pay=per-view event TLC where WWE superstar Randy Orton burns Bray Wyatt to DEATH.

Yup – you read that right, the WWE have upped their game and their latest stunt has seen a man apparently burned to death.

Randy Orton took on Bray Wyatt aka ‘The Fiend’ at TLC on Sunday in the main event in a match called a Firefly Funhouse Inferno match where the goal is to set your opponent on fire.

Pictures courtesy of WWE

Traditionally in WWE matches involving fire the superstar would be set alight and extinguished almost immediately but in a frightening twist Bray Wyatt continued to perform despite being on fire.

After gained the upper-hand Orton doused Wyatt in gasoline and set him alight – declaring him the victor despite him technically having just committed ‘murder’ on pay-per-view television.

It’s been revealed that the show was the only pre-recorded match of the event and we assume explains how Wyatt managed to perform for so long while alight.