Video: Player gives away foul in the A-League by shaking opponents hand

It’s hard to tell if the A-League clash between Western Sydney Wanderers and Melbourne Victory was a tough one with this being the most notable foul of the game but it definitely was a polite game.

Melbourne Victory defender Storm Roux is seen battling for the ball by touchline just at the start of the second half when the referee blew the whistle as he was fouled by Western Sydney Wanderers striker Simon Cox.

Simon is pulling on Storm’s arm and just wont let go which ends up with the politest handshake you’ll ever see from two who had just been involved a foul. Western Sydney Wanderers went on to win the clash 2-0 thanks to goals from Graham Dorrans and Kwame Yeboah, this just goes to show that determination is key, even if it means holding onto your opponent for a little longer than you’re allowed.

This definitely isn’t one we have seen before but one we’d like to laugh at again.

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