Video: Neville and Carra’s pre-match analysis ahead of Anfield clash

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Two of the major faces of Sky Sports are clashing again as Manchester United face Liverpool at Anfield today in the 4:30pm kick off. Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher give their insights into today’s game.

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Gary Neville has shared some of his ‘concerns’ about United’s title run and how he doesn’t believe they’re real contenders just yet, maybe today’s result will change that.

Ole’s side have had an amazing run in recent months and now sit top of the table, one point above Leicester and three points about rivals Liverpool. Today could see a swing of six points in the favour of United with a six point gap very hard to close.

Gary brings up how it’s been ‘almost four years’ since someone has beat Liverpool in Anfield. Can today be that day?

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Jamie thinks Liverpool will be confident and can go on to win the game if Matip starts so it all comes down to when the team is named 1 hour before the game. Is it as simple as that?

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