Video: Man City post the worst social media post of 2021 with animated sea-shanty

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Manchester City’s social media team has attempted to grow the hype around their game with Crystal palace today that most people have forgotten about because Liverpool face United at Anfield.

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In their attempt to grow the hype, the social media time posted an animated video which features cartoon versions of Sergio Aguero, Raheem Sterling, Gabriel Jesus and Kevin De Bruyne all sing ‘Wellerman’ by the Longest Johns.

The song which has become popular as a sing along ‘sea-shanty’ on Tiktok. There’s a good chance they’ll win against Roy Hodgson’s side today but they’ve lost all privileges to use Instagram if you ask me.

Will anyone other than Manchester City and Palace fans be watching this game or is it really a case of all eyes on the top of the table clash?

Pictures courtesy of Man City

Will Manchester City get three points and be on their way towards the top of the table again to make this a real battle for the title with multiple teams involved?


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