Video: Keane Sends Stark Warning to Lampard

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Roy Keane was in the Sky Sports studio today and says that Lampard’s time is limited unless Lampard turns it around and starts winning matches again. You’ve have to agree with Keane Chelsea have a high turnover of managers down though the years. Including Ancelotti, Mourinho, Conte, Sarri etc…

It has proved to be successful to be fair and looks like the modern way of doing football these days. As managers come in have an effect win a few trophies and then go on their way. The likes of Wenger and Ferguson twenty year managers look like a thing of the past.

“Chelsea it is in their DNA and history they don’t give managers time”

That’s the difference between Chelsea and other clubs, Chelsea demand success straight away, the only reason Lampard is probably still there is because of being a club legend, transfer ban etc… Will Lampard see the end of the season?