(Video) John Kiely Says the Game is in Danger of turning into a ‘Farce’

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Limerick manager John Kiely reacts to their 0-26 to 1-17 point defeat at the hands of Galway, John Kiely wasn’t happy with the lack of the tackling in the game and says if the game keeps going that way, there will be no one there to watch the game when the fans do finally return. 36 frees there was in the game, crazy number when you think of it people want to see free flowing hurling and not trigger happy referees.

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John Kiely says that the fans were lucky that they weren’t at the game, because it was a poor game and the fans saved themselves €20 when all they would be looking at is restarts, frees and sideline cuts. That’s Limerick first loss since 2019 a loss that John Kiely clearly wasn’t happy with, but you can be sure Limerick will learn from this and be back even stronger. It’s early days yet and Limerick will be a lot of people’s favourites for this years Championship.

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