Video: Jan van den Bergh pulls out outstanding celebration after outstanding goal

K Beerschot VA defender Jan van den Bergh may have pulled out the next FIFA celebration after the defender scored a worldie against Genk over the weekend.

Van den Bergh pulled out the strange celebration after his 65th minute strike that sent the defender dragging himself along the ground in celebration.

Images of his goal have gone all around the world not only because of the beauty of the goal, but also because of his unique celebration afterwards.

The goal was fantastic, but the celebration was … special. Van den Bergh meandered like a worm across the Genk turf, much to the amusement of his fellow players.

“What it meant? Nothing really. It was an inside joke. I occasionally do it in the gym and Tom (Pietermaat) Challenged me to do it even after a goal. I thought that after that. a goal was possible.” van den Bergh said.

Video courtesy of Eleven Sports (NL) via Twitter
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