(Video) Jamie Carragher Calls Out ‘Clueless & Lazy Punditry’

Jamie Carragher was on Monday Night Football last night and called out lazy and clueless pundits. The former Liverpool defender was quick to defend the fans and call out pundits blaming fans anger on the ‘lack of success’ rather than the anger over the attempt of The European Super League.

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“This talk of Manchester United fans only doing this because they are not challenging for the top honours… Supporters formed another club – FC United. That was at the height of this when it started.

“The green and gold campaign was in 2010, I think, when David Beckham came back to the club. The year before that, they were in the Champions League final. The year after they were in the Champions League final. So let’s not… lazy punditry. That’s what I call it.


Video Courtesy of Sky Sports

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