(Video) Jake Paul predicts how he will beat Tommy Fury in serious video

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Jake Paul has shown that he’s not messing around in his latest video that he sent to Tommy Fury.

The two fighters are set to finally clash this weekend in Saudi Arabia after what felt like an eternity of negotiations.

Both have been going hurling scathing abuse at each other but Paul has now uploaded a video to his social media account predicting how he is going to win the bout.

“Tommy, I hope you’ve enjoyed these last few moments of your career. This is it. You’re going to be retired from boxing after this, you’re gonna be disowned by your family, and you’re gonna go back to your mother’s maiden name.” he said.

“There’s nothing else that can save you. It is just me and you mano a mano, your brother is not in the ring anymore with you. Your dad’s not in the ring with you anymore. Molly’s not in the ring with you anymore. Bambi isn’t in the ring with you anymore.

“So all that little cute motivation about having a child and fighting for her. All that sh*t goes out the window when I’m coming to take your f**king head off. decapitate you, I’m a mean, angry person deep down, I’m gonna take out all of it on your f**king face.

“There’s nothing you could do to f**king beat me. I’m built different. I want this more than you I have more of a why I’m more tapped in. I’m more emotionally intelligent. I’m more spiritually connected. I’ve worked harder every single day in and out I have a better team. I have a better support system.”

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