Video: It’s almost exactly one year since Roy Keane said Olé Gunnar Solskjaer needed more time and look at them now

It’s almost exactly one year to the day since Roy Keane told Jamie Carragher in a heated debate that Manchester United manager Olé Gunnar Solskjaer needed at least “another year” in the job before United should consider the possibility of sacking him.

Keane’s comments came during a heated debate with fellow pundit Jamie Carragher back in January 2020 on Sky Sports ‘Super Sunday’ following United’s 2-0 defeat to Liverpool at Anfield.

Carragher argued that Solskjaer had been given enough time at Old Trafford and should be given his marching orders – a suggestion Keane strongly disagreed with.

Video courtesy of Pure Roy Keane via Twitter

Keane argued that Solskjaer deserved more time to make an impact at Old Trafford and the former United captain couldn’t understand why Frank Lampard’s job wasn’t in question in the media too despite losing eight matches.

“Give Ole a bit of time,” Keane said. “How long has Ole been in the job? Give the man a chance. I watched Chelsea last night, they’re a decent team, but they couldn’t get the job done. Lampard has lost eight games, but for some reason ‘Frank’s doing alright’. Maybe because he’s English, I don’t know.”

Carragher then asked Keane how much longer he would give Solskjaer, and the seven time Premier League winner’s answer was on the money: “I’d give Ole certainly another year,” the Irishman responded. “One hundred per cent – another year.”

Manchester United currently sit on top of the Premier League, three points clear of Liverpool as they head into their crunch tie with the current league champions at Anfield on Sunday.

Turns out Keane was right.

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