Video: Harry Maguire blames referees going against them for not getting a penalty even though he was offside

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Harry Maguire has blamed a wrong VAR decision for the Manchester United and English centre-half not winning a penalty despite the fact he was offside for the challenge so it could not have been awarded.

The Manchester United captain seemed a bit bothered during his post match interview as he stated that VAR was at fault for the defender not getting a penalty, it seems no one told him that he was offside for the challenge anyway.

A very poor performance from a side in the top 4 as they just dropped points to 19th place West Brom.

Here is the challenge he is complaining about where he is clearly offside as the free-kick is launched into the box.

It’s hard to tell if there’s really enough contact for a penalty but one thing is certain, it never would have been given if the referee checked for offside so he has nothing to talk about with this.

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