(Video) Gianni Infantino EMBARRASSES himself with terrible corner😂

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Gianni Infantino has shown why he is in charge of football and not playing it.  

The FIFA president has come under fire several times for his antics during the World Cup in Qatar. From his unusual press conferences to the controversial company that he keeps, his name seemed to always be in the headlines.

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But now he has made headlines for his actions on the pitch instead of off it.

A video has emerged of the 52-year-old taking a corner in a charity game and failing miserably.

Infantino trots up to the ball and unceremoniously boots it out of play.

It is also fitting that he made himself captain despite his clear lack of any footballing ability.

Infantino most recently came under fire from former Bayern Munich full-back, Philip Lahm, who ridiculed the FIFA president and questioned his integrity.

‘One increasingly gets the impression that Gianni Infantino is not looking for the best solution in terms of football and that he simply does not have integrity.’

Infantino is in the running to quickly overtake Sepp Blatter as one of the most despised FIFA presidents of all time.

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