(Video) Gary Neville Shuts Down Sky Sports Presenter David Jones

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Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville and 1999 treble winner Gary Neville was as adamant as ever on Sky Sports outlining the danger of these big billionaire football owners. Sky Sports presenter David Jones tried to interject, but Neville was quick to tell the presenter to ‘pipe down.’

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“We must not forget that. They tried to walk away and create a closed-shop league that would have created a famine in this country for every other football club…”

Video Courtesy of Sky Sports

“They tried to create a famine two weeks ago in English football, in Dutch football, in German football, in French football, all over Europe.

“Those 15 clubs would have walked away from their leagues with their money and basically destroyed the ethos of the pyramid of relegation and promotion in English football, so that’s number one. It’s unforgivable what they did as a family two weeks ago.

“I get Graeme’s point around them paying themselves dividends. We could go around the chippy tomorrow, make a bid, they could sell it, we own a chippy and the local public might not be happy with the new chips they’re getting, I get that principle of a free market.

“However, the Glazer family two weeks ago tried to implement something that would have damaged every single community in this country that has football at the heart of it.

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