Video: Football player picks up object and hits himself in face with it to try and trick referee

A third-division football game in Guatemala produced what will arguably go down as one of footballs most outrageous attempts to trick a referee the Guardian reports.

The person responsible for the outlandish attempt to dupe the referee was Batanecos FC player Rosbin Ramos and my did he put on a performance.

Ramos was caught on camera picking up an object which had been thrown on to the pitch by fans, just moments before.

He then hit himself in the face with the unknown object and collapsed to the floor holding his face and waving the object aloft.

It’s embarrassing enough that he was caught on camera but even more embarrassingly it was all for nothing as none of the match officials saw the supposed ‘object throwing incident’ so no punishments were handed out.

There was one funny moment during the charade when an opposition player walked over to Ramos, picked up the missile and threw it back over the fence. Watch the madness below.

Video courtesy of Guardian Sport via Twitter
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