Video: Fans call Jurgen Klopp a ‘bully’ after he completely snaps with reporter

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Jurgen Klopp seems to be a little on edge recently as his Premier League Champion squad aren’t doing a very good job of defending the title and that was on show last night as he snapped when speaking with journalist Niv Dovrat of Israeli’s Sport 1 TV Station.

When he was asked about the title race and being “10 points behind Manchester City” and City having “One game in hand” he snapped, he didn’t seem to understand the question correctly as he quickly stated that Niv had not prepared properly for the interview as Klopp believed Manchester City were 13 points ahead which they are not.

Manchester City currently sit in first place on 50 points after 22 games played and Liverpool are in fourth place with 40 points, 10 points behind the leaders after 23 games played.

“I really think you should prepare your job a little bit better”

This was Klopp’s main statement before repeatedly speaking over Niv and stating he had used up both of his question ignoring the second half of the journalists questions. He then backtracked on his comments by fully answering the Sport 1 reporter’s question but he wasn’t happy.

Fans have labelled Klopp a ‘bully’ after watching the clip and I can understand why, he belittled the journalist because he was in a bad mood after his sides loss to Manchester City and it’s not acceptable for him to take his frustrations out on someone just trying to do their job.

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