Video: Dana White says ‘casual’ fans who just watch Conor McGregor ‘Don’t know anything about fighting’

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Dana White was speaking after the UFC 258 card where Kamaru Usman defeated Gilbert Burns in the third round via TKO and he weighed in on multiple future fights, but that isn’t what fans were drawn to.

The UFC president was talking about Usman being recognised as a great fighter when asked by a reporter if he was the most ‘Under-rated fighter in the whole roster?’.

“Underrated by who? Not by me” Dana replied quickly. White stated how much the UFC and true fans of the UFC respect and rate ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’. He then went on to say that they track PPV buys and can see how many times people buy Pay-Per-Views during the year to see who is a ‘casual’ and who is a ‘die-hard UFC fans’.

He says ‘there are casual fans who come in for the big ones and hardcore fans who watch them all’. He then said some casual fans might just watch because Conor[McGregor] is fighting but if they think Usman isn’t great then they ‘don’t know anything about fighting’.

He then followed up by saying ‘And that’s ok’ as he didn’t want to harm one of the biggest fan bases in the UFC. Kamaru is an unbelievable fighter and has cemented his place at the top of the Welterweight division by wining all 13 of his fights since making his UFC debut in 2015 so it’s understandable that Dana would be so protective of him.

If Usman keeps up this form he could go on to be the greatest fighter in the history of the UFC.

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