(Video) Criminals get fright of their life when they attempt to break into professional boxer’s house🥊

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Two wannabe criminals got the fright of their life when they discovered that a pro-boxer resided in the house they were trying to break into. 

Two teens were caught on camera trying to break into a professional boxer home in Gold Coast.

Casey Caswell, who has an 8-1 professional record, was woken up by an alert on his phone triggered by the motion sensor at the front of his house.

The Aussie hopped out of bed and chased the two robbers down the street.


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Unfortunately, the two teens got away and are still on the run.

Caswell’s friend and fellow fighter Demsey McKean stated that they ‘picked the wrong house to mess with.’

“Casey doing what any man would do, this is how to deal with low-life rats that try to break into your house,” McKean told News Corp.

“Not how Casey Caswell wanted to start his early Sunday morning, no doubt.

“Woke up to see two thieves walking around his car and front property about to jump the fence. So he ran out there and chased them off down the road.

“He didn’t catch them and no one was harmed.

“My mate is a professional fighter and an Australasian champion, they picked the wrong house to mess with.”