VIDEO: Conor McGregor reveals how he has ‘spoilt’ mother and family with UFC earnings

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Conor McGregor revealed his softer side this week in an interview on UFC show, The MMA Hour.

The Irish fighter was asked what gave him the greatest pleasure after he won his most recent fight in July.

Instead of a trademark bombastic speech about proving his greatness to the world, McGregor reflected on the opportunity his career has afforded him to take care of his family.

“Where I’m from, when people make it and have success, there’s one thing on their mind and that’s family,” he told host Ariel Helwani.

“And that’s what I had in my mind when I came home from Las Vegas.

“I spoiled my family, I took every bill off of my family. I paid for my mother’s mortgage. I gave everyone brand-new cars.”

Watch from 38 minutes for Conor McGregor discussing his family.

He explained that the hope of providing for family and friends had always been a driving force for him.

“On the climb, I always visualised giving – giving to people that are around me – and what it would feel like to roll up one day and say ‘hey, that mortgage on the house is gone now, don’t worry about that’.

“They’re things that I used to dream of – seeing their reaction.”

McGregor described how he told his family he would take care of them financially.

“So, when I got back, I invited them up to my home and we sat down and we had dinner,” he said. “We talked about all type of these things and I took every bill off their hands, every single bill. My whole family has retired young now.

“Those are the things that motivate me to push on. That’s why I do it, that’s why I went through that struggle and pushed and pushed and pushed and faced that adversity.

“It was all so I could come home and do that for my mother, my family and the people who have been around from day one.”

Another reminder that behind the arrogance and the bluster lies a thoughtful and hard-working lad from Dublin.

“I just want to give to the people that have given me so much. That’s something I can be grateful for, that’s why I keep pushing.”

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