(Video) Game’s gone: Awful VAR decision in Brazil sees player shown red card for absolutely nothing

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Ceara’s Gabriel Dias received one of the softest red cards you’re ever likely to see during his side’s 2-0 Copa do Nordeste victory over Vitoria yesterday night.

The football world was already in a state of outrage following Fabian Balbuena’s red against Chelsea, during which the West Ham defender followed through after a clearance and landed his studs onto the calf of Ben Chilwell.

MORE: “It’s a decision made by somebody who’s never played the game… I thought it was a rubbish decision.”

Balbuena had zero intent of hurting Chilwell and where his studs ended up were a consequence of his natural swing. It was unfortunate, but nothing more than a yellow card. Chris Kavanagh saw it differently.

If you thought that one was bad, have a look at what happened in Brazil last night.

Gabriel Dias came tumbling down, with an opposing defender rolling on the floor in front of him, and as you’d expect, he wasn’t in full control of his body while falling and desperately trying to keep his balance.

There’s no suggestion that Dias made contact with the opposition player, nor that there was any sort of foul by either party, yet, after a VAR review, he was shown a red card.

Those who thought our game was saved after the European Super League came tumbling down are clearly not watching awful VAR decisions taint it week after week…

Pictures courtesy of Copa do Nordeste