Video: Arsenal players mock COVID guidelines with goal celebration

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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has broken the dead lock in the Emirates tonight against Newcastle in the 50′.

Pierre was able to redeem himself after an abysmal first half where he missed a completely open goal.

He was able to counter down left wing and use his pace to burst past the Newcastle defence and score with his left foot.

Then when celebrating the goal you can see the whole team come together and hug closely before spreading out to a safe distance and laughing as it seems they were mocking new COVID guidelines which advise against celebrating.

Do you think they were mocking the guidelines?

Pictures courtesy of Sky Sports

Do you think we’ll see players punished in the future for breaking guidelines to hug during celebrations or will referees continue to turn a blind eye,

Fans were right to ask why they do a social distanced celebration after hugging.

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