(Video): viral clip shows Argentina ERUPTING after Lionel Messi scored against Mexico

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A viral video clip captures the exact moment a city in Argentina erupted in joy after Lionel Messi opened the scoring in their vital clash against Mexico.

If ever you doubted the effect football can have on a nation during the World Cup, then look no further than this video. The game was a must-win for Argentina who, after their shock defeat to Saudi Arabia in their opening game, were in danger of being dumped out of the competition in the group stage.

Messi’s goal opened the scoring in what was a very tight game, and you can hear exactly how much that meant to every single Argentina fan watching at home…

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This could potentially be Messi’s last chance to achieve greatness in this competition and guide his nation to the coveted World Cup trophy, and the support he has from his country is clear to see.