(Video) American volleyball player flies over table after keeping a point alive 😲

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The Americans always know how to put on a show when it comes to sports, and fans were treated to a moment of greatness during a volleyball match between South Dakota and the Houston Cougars.

With Houston leading 5-1 during the third set of a best of five match, Houston knew a point would give them a healthy advantage going into the remainder of the set, and their persistence during a rally paid dividends in stunning fashion.

A Dakota effort was sent all the way past the back of the court, but Houston’s Kate Georgiades wanted to keep her side in the point, running at full sprint to flick the ball back in play, sending herself head first over a table and getting herself back into action.

Houston went on to win the point, as Georgiades was mobbed by her team mates, before the side recomposed themselves to march onto victory, winning in five sets.

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Georgiades’ actions proved a great example that even when a point looks to have ended, you should never give up.

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