VIDEO: A closer look at the incident that led to Connolly sending-off

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When Diarmuid Connolly was shown a red card in extra-time of yesterday’s drawn All-Ireland semi-final between Dublin and Mayo, viewers at home had only a peripheral glimpse at what triggered the sending-off.

Connolly got involved in an off-the-ball altercation with Mayo’s Keegan that was barely visible at the edge of the the screen. It led to the red card for Connolly and a yellow for Keegan, with some questioning why one was more harshly punished than the other for the tussle.

After the game, Dublin manager Jim Gavin appeared to share that view and said Dublin would probably appeal the decision.

“He seemed to be held on the ground, and I didn’t see why he was sent off,” Gavin said after the match.

“We’ll follow it up, obviously, straight away.”

On last night’s Sunday Game they had much clearer footage of the incident, and it wouldn’t appear to support the player’s appeal.

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The panellists were in agreement that Keegan started the row, but also that Connolly can be clearly seen hitting the Mayo player.

“It’s unfortunate for Diarmuid,” panellist and former Dublin player Ciarán Whelan said. “I suppose he’ll hope (it will be overturned).

“There was a fall-out from the Tyrone-Monaghan game and the CHC were in good form one night and let everyone off, and he’ll hope they do the same for him.”

“He’s definitely going to appeal it,” agreed panellist Kevin McStay. “He’ll take his chances with a hearing.”

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