Former UFC fighter confirms she has filmed sex tape with her boyfriend

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Former UFC fighter Paige VanZant has confirmed that she has recorded a sex tape, but is not yet willing to release it to the public.

VanZant’s time in the UFC has seemingly come to an end, with her most recent endeavours being in the BKFC. Unfortunately, she hasn’t had much success fighting bare-knuckle, even if she is a big PPV draw.

Not to worry, though, because he’s made an absolute killing over the past year selling a subscription service to her fans. They give her cash and in return she posts saucy photos – it’s the kind of business proposition that has become increasingly popular among the female community.

Having already penetrated the not-so-clothed modelling industry, could VanZant be set to take the plunge into the adult film world? She doesn’t appear ready, yet, but stopped short of ruling it out entirely…

Paige VanZant (pictured) confirmed that she has filmed a sex tape with her boyfriend

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When asked if she’d ever record a sex tape with her boyfriend, VanZant replied: “Would I? We definitely already have… Would I ever share it, sell it, promote it… hmm… that’s a different story.”

There’d certainly be the demand, were she to decide to put the video up for sale, but that’s FAR more intimate than a few scantily clad snaps posted online. You can understand her reluctance…

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