🚨 The time a UFC legend took on a man in the street

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Nick Diaz once had an impromptu sparring session with a man in the street.

The UFC legend last entered the Octagon in 2021 but he’s still someone you wouldn’t want any sort of altercation with.

In the video you can tell Diaz is taking it easy on the man and if he wanted to he could have ended it at any time.

The clip seems playful enough rather than a heated coming together.

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You can watch the video below:

Fight fans responded to the strange sparring contest.

One said, ‘People don’t want to believe that a well placed lowkick can end a street fight in 1 move against an untrained opponent.’

Another added, ‘If I saw Nick in public I’d just tell him I love him and be on my way.’

A third commented, ‘Nick going at 20% and still winning this sparring match.’

A fourth replied, ‘Nick is like I don’t want to hurt u bro. And the guy just keeps asking for it.’

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