UFC change fight date to avoid McGregor and Khabib being in the same room

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s cousin Umar Nurmagomedov was due to make his UFC debut on the undercard of UFC 257 McGregor vs Poirier 2.

The young lightweight is facing off against Sergey Morozov on the 20th of January, 3 days earlier than expected. The 25 year old has his last 3 attempts at a debut cancelled so he’s looking for 4th time lucky.

The Mirror are reporting that the UFC are not willing to take the chance of Khabib attending his cousin’s fight and possibly starting a major clash with Conor McGregor ring side so this is why they have moved Umar’s fight away from the 23rd.

The last time the two met, it didn’t end well with chaos throughout the stadium and both fighters being suspended with Khabib suspended for nine months and Conor for six months. Khabib was also fined $500,000 and Conor was fined $50,000 as per The Denver Post.

Dana White is hoping Khabib will come out of retirement with many thinking the Champion ended his career too early and has plenty left in the tank with Dana saying to ESPN

“I’m obviously meeting with him because I think that he should fight again,” “Look at what he did to Justin Gaethje.

“Look at what he’s done to every opponent he has faced…. I think he should fight again and I’m going to press him as hard as I can for one more.

A rematch between the two giants of UFC would be an absolute gold mine for White so it’s understandable why he wants it to happen, he just isn’t willing to risk the feud between the two fighters getting in the way of UFC 257.

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