Man City dragged into international debate as UAE pander towards aggressors Russia

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The UAE have refused to condemn Russia for their actions in Ukraine, which hasn’t reflected particularly well on Manchester City.

Russia have been widely condemned for their invasion of Ukraine and the tragic loss of life that has followed.

The crazed Vladimir Putin has not only launched an assault on a neighbouring nation and its civilians, but he has threatened to spark a chain of events that could result in a global conflict.

Still, the UAE made the conscious decision NOT to condemn Russia for the aggression they have shown towards Ukraine.

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So why is that problematic from a footballing perspective? Well, the small matter that the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates owns Manchester City.

There have been a bucket load of moral issues raised by the UAE’s influence in Manchester, but this could well top the lot.

At a time of uncertainty and concern for the British public, and terror for the Ukrainian people, the country influenced by the owner of Man City has pandered to their allies in Russia.

We hope that Man City fans send a message to their ownership at Goodison Park later today…

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