🚨 Tyson Fury ‘will retire’ after Oleksandr Usyk insults left him looking foolish claims former world champion

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Tyson Fury failed in his bid to become the undisputed heavyweight champion, suffering the first loss of his professional career in the process.

‘The Gypsy King’ lost a split-decision to Oleksandr Usyk in Saudi Arabia at the weekend and after the build-up to the fight former world champion Johnny Nelson believes Fury will strugge to get over the loss.

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“I know there’s a rematch clause. I don’t really think that will happen,” the 57-year-old said to Seconds Out.

“I know a fighter’s psyche, and the things Fury said before and after [about Usyk], no matter if he said it just for headlines or whatever, it’s hard to swallow.

“Remember, [Usyk] is ‘a gap-toothed, jumped up middleweight’. All the insults, everything he threw at this man, he’s a walking contradiction. So how will Tyson get his head round it? Especially when he looks at his performance. Will he get his head right? I don’t think he will.”

He continued: “I think this will make Tyson seriously consider walking away from this game. He’s a wealthy man, and he’s a fighting man who believes hand on heart that he’s the best in the world. Now this has happened it’ll be hard for him to digest it, to accept it… I think he’ll struggle.”

According to Frank Warren, Tyson Fury has activated the rematch clause with Oleksandr Usyk with a potential bout being lined up in October.


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  1. Carl every word you’ve said is absolutely spot on
    Usyk didn’t make him look silly at all. Tyson. That himself, insult After insult I’ve kept on & on.
    We get the publicity to sell the fight het fans wanting to buy it an so on. Usyk is in a completely different level of boxing. His strength his mindset
    His speed & technique, he took this fight to Tyson
    And made him look a complete dick. The champion of the world he was embarrassing. Usyk
    Bounced him round that ring like a true champion of the world. All the very best in your retirement the world need a break from them 🥊🥊🥊

    1. Absolutely agree Tyson has had his day, he will loos the rematch, that’s a forgon conclusion. He’s made his money fighting bums. He’s been and is a bum. He couldn’t beat the best, That was evident.

    2. The best thing Usyk can do, is walk away and retire undefeated.
      The Gypsy queen would be spitting feathers.
      He has had his ego severely questioned. His unbeaten boast, no matter how tenuous has been taken away from him.
      He is a has been now, a nobody. A washed up nothing. That will rile him.

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