Tyson Fury tells critics to ‘suck a big fat d***’ ahead of Derek Chisora fight

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Many people have criticised Fury’s decision to take a third fight against Chisora – and he has told them all to ‘suck a big fat d***’.

The fight that everyone wanted to see was an all-British showdown between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, but talks for that fight were stopped after the latter failed to adhere to Fury’s outrageously short time frame on negotiations for the bout.

Instead, Fury chose to take a trilogy fight against Chisora – a decision which has not gone down well with his fans.

The first two fights were a walk in the park for Fury, so much so that the crowd actually began to boo the pair during the event. Given that Chisora is now far older, the result of this clash seems obvious, and many fans are refusing to be lured into paying to view the bout, although it doesn’t seem like Fury cares.

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In response to those critics, Fury told the MMA Hour: “I think they can go suck a d***.

“Yeah, I think all those people who criticise, they can suck a big fat d***. How many times have they fought for a world title?

“How many times have they even been punched in the face? That’s my question to them.”

The not-so-much anticipated bout will take place at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, on Saturday 3 December… will you be watching?