🚨 Tyson Fury suffered horrific injury as a baby after his dad fell on him

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John Fury has revealed details about an horrific accident that left a baby Tyson Fury needing surgery.

He claimed he once took the child to a golf course for some fresh air but said he was startled when the club president appeared and starting moving towards them.

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In his book β€˜When Fury Takes Over’, which is being serialised by The Sun he claimed:

β€œHe started shouting and walking towards me, so I picked up Tyson and legged it.

β€œI tried to jump over a ditch but the bank gave way beneath me and I landed with all my 20 stone on my baby son’s leg and snapped it.

β€œIt sounded like a dry stick being broken. I took him home, he was shaking and sobbing in my arms.”

β€œIt was one of the most painful experiences of my life, never mind for my poor son,” he continued. β€œβ€˜How could you get this wrong?” I asked myself. How can a father break his own child’s leg?

Ex-wife and mother-of-Tyson, Amber, was understandably upset by the accident.

β€œβ€™You can see the bone sticking out of his leg!’ screamed Amber. I hung my head in shame. β€˜You’re absolutely right. I’m a misfit and not capable of being a father,’ I agreed.”

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