Tyson Fury brands the Paul brothers “s*** house p*****s” during expletive-ridden interview

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Tyson Fury has sent a message to Jake Paul and Logan Paul during an interview with Behind the Gloves, and it wasn’t particularly complimentary. 

While you wouldn’t ordinarily expect the heavyweight champion of the world to be discussing two YouTuber brothers during an interview with a boxing channel, the fight world has gone absolutely bonkers over the past two years.

In addition, Jake Paul was scheduled to fight Tyson’s half-brother Tommy in Florida on December 18th, a bout the Briton was forced to pull out of after suffering a clean break in his ribs while battling with a bacterial infection.

Jake Paul has had plenty to say about the Fury family in wake of the cancellation of his fight with Tommy, so it comes as no surprise that Behind the Gloves quizzed Tyson on his thoughts. Here’s what he had to say:

“Jake Paul can go suck a d**k for all I care. P***y.”

Tyson Fury is NOT a fan of YouTube boxer Jake Paul, as revealed in a recent interview

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“Him and his brother are s*** house p*****s and could never live in my world because they’re f***ing bitches.”

“And if you don’t like the language, get f***ed.”

No punches pulled from Tyson Fury, who doesn’t often mix his words. It’s safe to say that the Paul brothers won’t be on his Christmas card list this December.

Although, it is rather rich for him to be calling Jake a ‘p****’ when it was his own brother who made the decision not to fight the American, having hesitated over penning the fight agreement in the first place…

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