🚨 Tyson Fury slammed and told Mike Tyson’s Jake Paul training has shown him up

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Tyson Fury lost to Oleksandr Usyk at the weekend.

The British heavyweight failed in his bid to become the first undisputed heavyweight champion since 1999 losing via split-decision to the Ukrainian.

And following the fight former Irish boxer Joe Egan launched a stinging attack on Fury’s preparation for the Usyk fight.

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Speaking with British boxing legend Carl Froch on his YouTube channel he said: “It was a close fight but it was only 50% of Tyson Fury. He wasn’t fit for that fight. I don’t care what anybody says. He didn’t prepare properly for that fight. His training camp was broken up.

“He was out in Dubai watching [Francis] Ngannou and [Anthony] Joshua nine weeks before the fight. Seven weeks before the fight he was doing a press conference in Manchester without Usyk, Usyk didn’t break his camp.

“Then four weeks before the fight he’s out visiting his family in Morecambe. You [Froch] were the ultimate spartan, you knew the sacrifices you’ve got to make in a 12-week training camp but he didn’t make them sacrifices.”

Egan then made a comparison with how Mike Tyson is preparing for his clash with Jake Paul on July 20th.

He continued: “Mike Tyson hasn’t broken his camp for a YouTuber, you understand? That’s how seriously he’s taking his fight with Jake Paul but I don’t think Tyson Fury took his fight seriously. I think he believed the hype that his brilliance was going to beat Usyk.”

Egan has been calling out ‘The Gypsy King’s’ father John for some time now and he was next in line for criticism.

He said: “Then he had his father in the corner giving him instructions over Sugar Hill and Andy Lee who know more about boxing than he ever will know. It was a comical act with John in the corner and I think it distracted Tyson.

Has Egan got a point? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Totally disagree with Joe Egan he Tyson Fury looked in better shape than i think we have ever seen him he lost i know that goes against what some people want to believe but that is the fact of the matter it was a fair fight Tyson Fury s bullying tactics did not work on Usyk who is granite he was beat by a middleweight fury s own words so please just accept it he Fury is only a human being .

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