Tyson Fury responds to Jon Jones and makes him an offer

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Tyson Fury took to Instagram to challenge Jon Jones to a boxing bout.

Yesterday, Tyson Fury took aim at Joe Rogan after the Podcaster picked Jones to win a fight against him.

Then the MMA legend, Jones got involved by Tweeting:

‘Hey Tyson, it seem like Joe may have struck a nerve. I’ll admit there’s no one touching you in that ring right now, but let’s not let that confuse you with what would happen if you stepped foot in my cage. If you ever want to put some of those questions you got going on to rest, give Dana a call. I’ll help you out.’


Well it didn’t take long for the ‘Gypsy King’ to respond but he did admit he’s not a cage fighter and instead challenged him to a fight under boxing rules.



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