🚨 Tyson Fury must ditch ‘liability’ dad John after his ’embarrassing’ antics in Oleksandr Usyk fight claims british boxing legend

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Carl Froch was not impressed with John Fury’s antics during the Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk fight week.

Fury senior headbutted a member of team Usyk at the start of the week.

Froch speaking to Lucky Block said: “He’s a liability. He must be hard work with the pressure he puts on Tyson.

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“Remember Tyson walks in the room after Big John headbutted that skinny kid from Team Usyk and he was like – ‘what have you done to your head, you f***ing idiot?’

“He had blood running all down his face, I think he thinks it makes him look hard doesn’t he?

“Keeps all the blood on his face, it’s a tiny little cut – I’ve done worse shaving and he lets the blood pour all over his face like he’s a big hard man.

“What does he say, ‘Blood, guts and honour, this is what I do everyday?’ It’s embarrassing, but I think Tyson is used to it.

“Even though he’s used to his dad being a bit of a moron, he must think ‘that’s not good, we’re in Saudi Arabia, big fight’ – the last thing you want is distractions.

“For me, if you’ve got someone being like this on the team they’ve got to go.

“On ‘Froch on Fighting’ I said listen, get John out of the way and put him back in his box and just keep him out of the way because he’s a liability.

“We didn’t see much of him, did we? He’s definitely gone missing, I think he’s been told – because we never saw him on Saturday after that incident.

“It’s a massive hindrance for Tyson in the biggest fight of his life and he’s got his dad playing up, trying to steal the limelight. It’s not good for Tyson.”

Footage of John Fury giving Tyson instructions during the Usyk fight went viral on social media.

And Froch slammed the corner which was chaotic at best, he said: “The advice was coming from different people, one screaming in your ear, one in front of you shadow boxing and you’re not listening to anyone.

“He even said in the press conference after, if they had told me to go for him in the last round I’d have done more.

“It’s a poor excuse but the corner was a shambles.”

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