🚨 Tyson Fury defended after being escorted out of pub and faceplanting the ground

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A video of Tyson Fury went viral after he was escorted out of a pub in his hometown of Morecambe.

Fans are concerned at the footage with Fury’s well documented mental health issues and this happening just weeks after his defeat to Oleksandr Usyk in their undisputed clash.

But DJ Scott Shearing took to Facebook to insist Fury was in top form.

He wrote: “I’m sure you’ve all seen the video of Tyson Fury being escorted out of Nowhere on FB. Lots of people with plenty to say.

“The man is a bloody legend, multi millionaire and yet he is still just like you or me. He goes out shopping, just like you. Goes to the pub just like you, maybe gets drunk just like you too. I get he is a public figure but he is only human.

“I take my hat off to him as everywhere he goes people ask him for photos when he’s just out like everyone else to relax and unwind he always obliges. He was in the Strawbs Fri for a good few hours and they were all singing and keeping to themselves. Lots of people asked to have their picture taken with him. He took the time to do this in fact a young girl I know had her picture with him and he gave her £20. The man has a heart and feelings for god sake.

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“In boxing he is a legend regardless of his last fight however he is proud to live in Morecambe and always mentions us. Money and fame can bring its own problems when the temptation for excess of anything is there and available, be it buying fancy cars, houses or going out drinking it must be hard to cope with mentally. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t turn it down but your every move is in the spotlight.

“He has his own demons with mental health and all that goes along with it but let’s show the man some respect for his achievements and love of Morecambe. We should have a statue on the prom celebrating him not putting him down at every opportunity!!!”

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  1. I’d get drunk if I’d performed like him in his last 2 fights. He shoots his mouth off so it’s time he got pay back. Bout time he retired from boxing he was doing it damage. Let the drunk rot.

    1. Maybe u should go fight then come back with this comment u moron! Pretty sure uv prob bin pissed in ya life too! Pipe down!

  2. What a stupid comment the man’s out for a drink he’s beaten everyone who was there to beat until usyk came along and I think Tyson will win the rematch oh and by the way you go tell him to his face your comments you Weed

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