(Video) Mike Tyson and Ric Flair smoke a joint together in HILARIOUS clip posted to Instagram

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Boxing legend Mike Tyson and WWE icon Ric Flair have shared a video of them smoking a joint together.

Talk about unlikely duos, we would never have pegged these two to be close friends, especially the kind that bond while smoking a joint together.

Tyson is a renowned advocate of marijuana, smoking it on a regular basis and having his own businesses relating to the sale of the drug, which is legal in some U.S states.

Mike Tyson (pictured) has various business ventures in the marijuana sphere

Still, we never thought we’d see him standing in the streets alongside the 73-year-old Ric Flair, with both men puffing away on a joint each.

That’s why it was such a delightful surprise when Flair uploaded the below video to his Instagram page of the two veterans doing exactly that.

“You think we’re going to get cancelled?” asks Tyson. Certainly not by us – we absolutely love to see it…