Turkish commentator sacked at half-time after saying former player’s name

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A Turkish commentator was shown the door after Canada vs Morocco’s first half ended on Thursday.

Alper Bakircigil was commentating on the game for a Turkish broadcaster called TRT and received the news during the half-time interval that he would be replaced.

The reason being, that he brought up former Turkish footballer, Hakan Sukur’s name during the broadcast.

While discussing the game, Bakircigil mentioned to viewers that the fastest World Cup goal in history was scored by Sukur at the 2002 World Cup. Despite his fact being correct, the mere mention of Sukur’s name was enough to have him removed from his position.

The commentator said his goodbyes on Twitter after the game.

“I was cut off from the TRT institution, where I worked proudly for many years, after the event that took place today. Separation is included in love. Hope to see you again. Goodbye..” posted Bakircigil.

Many people outside Turkey will remember Sukur for his goalscoring exploits, netting 51 goals in 112 games for his country.

But after his retirement, the Turkish striker went into politics and then got involved in a terrorist organisation. Sukur is currently living in the US with his family and is unable to return home because of fears he will be detained.

The former Inter Milan and Turkey striker is reportedly working as a Uber driver in America.