(Video) Donald Trump emerges to The Undertaker’s entrance music at Arizona rally

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Donald Trump used The Undertaker’s famous theme as his entrance music at an Arizona rally on Monday.

Trump, who has soft-launched his presidential campaign for 2024, having lost out to President Joe Biden in 2020, is pushing the narrative that the country needs him to stage a return and ‘Save America’.

This comes after Biden was elected in hope of saving America from Trump, only for him to have been ambushed with the COVID-19 pandemic, which has occupied the vast majority of his time in office.

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We now find ourselves halfway through Biden’s term, without him having made any considerable impact. Perhaps it is the perfect time for Trump to remind the public of his knack for the theatrical.

In true Trump fashion, he decided to emerge at an Arizona rally on Monday to the tune of The Undertaker’s entrance music. Perhaps he’s intending to Tombstone Piledrive Biden out of the Oval Office…

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