🚨True Geordie labelled as a national disgrace after his vicious attack on Jurgen Klopp 😬

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The True Geordie has been labelled a national disgrace after his attack on Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp, have a look at the video and some of the comments below;

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This guy said horrible islamophobic comments and yet he’s supporting a Muslim team

What was he even reacting too? Jurgen complaining about bad reffing in the game?

Glossed over every reason someone might have a problem with him and painted him in the nicest way possible. Shouting at officials? Antagonising journalists? Sore loser? Talks about people like he’s better than them?

When Newcastle finally beats us in the prem, I give them the right to even speak. Until then…..

Coming from a guy who’s whole team left him after his discusting views, you couldn’t make it up

Envy is a powerful emotion – easy 6 points off the Geordies this season!

You clearly and deliberately chose not to recall him using vulgarities on young fans in Singapore.

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