TalkSPORT take action against Trevor Sinclair

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The former Manchester City and England player took to his twitter yesterday when news just broke that the Queen had passed away. The former professional footballer tweeted some that was not of good taste to say the least and a bit off centre!! Today TalkSPORT tweeted that they are going to look into Trevor Sinclair’s comments and he is currently off the air, see its below;

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talkSPORT breaks silence on Trevor Sinclair as pundit deletes Twitter  account after tweet - Fan Banter

Whatever your opinion of the Queen it was a mad idea from the former West Ham player, why did he feel the need to comment and it just shows again be careful what you type when taking to social media.

We send our condolences to everyone in the UK that held the Queen close to their hearts.

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  1. His got a point. This is why blacks and whites will never get on because it’s one rule for one race and another rule for another.

      1. As a black man now aged 43 and lived in great britain all my life NEVER witnessed or heard a white person suffer racism in England… I don’t condone what Trevor said however there is a underlining truth about his statement… just not the appropriate time and no one will understand unless you are a person of colour and suffered racism and I’m talking from experience…

        1. Please read the comment below yours where Sinclair was arrested after a road accident and called the police person a White C**t

        2. you personally may not have heard a white person suffer racism, but why not ask the white police officer who was racially abused, and convicted of this in court , by none other the Sinclair.

        3. Hi Wesley,
          Read up about Trevor Sinclair and you will find what you are looking for. Man convicted and found guilty of guess what, Racism!!

        4. You clearly weren’t around when Irish people weren’t allowed into pubs because they were all classed as ira terrorists. Wise up.

        5. You’ve obviously never been to Liverpool? We have suffered racism all our lives. But hey it’s funny so nobody cares.

    1. On November 12 last year Sinclair was arrested for drink-driving in Lytham, Lancs, after a female pedestrian was injured in a car crash.

      After being nicked he called a policeman a “white c***” as he was put into the cop car. So he’s a racist, pot kettle black come to mind.

    2. That’s true if a white person said that about Nelson Mandelas death he’d be sacked straight away no enquiries into the comment..

        1. Actually he went to prison for 35 years for blowing up women and children at a train station, and only changed his tune as a condition of getting released, but hey lets not let facts get in the way eh! You crack on son

          1. Well if that is true then how silly for 59 million South Africans to vote for such a killer in control and to influence so many people including the South African rugby team into winning there first World Cup 🏉 under his reign 🤗
            I bet your family loved that 😂

      1. 😂 like big Ron Atkinson did about desailly? What a classic act to do when the cameras are rolling 🎥 ⛔️

    3. Except the only racist here is Sinclair, sacked for been a racist in his previous job, so it’s it’s the kettle and the pot situation here

      1. Yes your right it’s definitely not white because look at the mess us whites make when we do go to other countries it’s embarrassing 🙈

      1. My names short for Malcolm Excuente it’s Brazilian not black or white or English or whatever race your directing it towards and no I’m not black either I’m whiter than your Inside hands so let’s talk facts not about what colour people who write comments are….. btw I love having the last laugh against you English people shows how prejudice and hateful you are towards your ethnic neighbours and work colleagues 😬

    4. Malcome mate, you are doing exactly what white bigots do, you’re blaming all of us for the bigoted opinion of knuckle-dragging morons, that’s shameful mate and makes you no better than them as well as denigrating the millions like me who don’t hate at all. I grew up with the first black kids born here after the Windrush landed,, I am still in contact with the lovely daughter of one of my classmates, as long as people like you accuse us all things will never change, we have to trust and work together to stop the garbage racicists.

    5. You piece of shit “very average FOOTBALLER” & Bobbins commentator. If you ain’t happy living in the UK you Slackey twat. You can always piss off to the land of your father’s wherever that is, Jamaica? Ghana? Or whatever other toilet you emerged from NO Chance! You will stop here with your Privileged life* Do you actually care about your black and brown people, wherever it is you crawled out of? You privileged ungrateful tosser.

    1. Spot on I bet your kids love you when they tell you they made a black friend and you beat them for it 👋🏼 🥺😡👎🏼

    2. Your just upset the EDL and the National front never went viral 😂 so your now stuck on a keyboard raging your anger instead 🙈

      I hope you don’t have kids they must be sick of hearing you shouting racist words at the tv instead of to someone’s face. 🥱

  2. That’s bullshit, you are obviously a Black or Brown person with a massive chip on your shoulders

    1. Nope I’m a person that is pinkish in Colour my father is Portuguese my mother is Irish I have dark blondish hair like Diego jota type of colour and dark eyes with freckles on my beautiful soft skin but thanks for the compliment about black and brown skin people I shall let my father know that his not classed as black his classed as brown 🫱🏼‍🫲🏻

  3. Everyone has a right to an opinion this guy seems to have too many opinions most of them wrong but this deluded man needs to show some respect the head of the country as died and he’s trying to score points for his cause of been a down trodden ethnic person, should never be allowed on media stations again which would be no great loss to the people unlike the Queen who is

  4. So he breaks the law driving a lethal weapon when drunk but it’s the white police officers fault, he’s got off lightly here as did Anthony Joshua when he advised black people only to shop in black owned businesses, if a white former sports person did anything similar to what these two have done the media would be all over it but for some reason a black man is allowed to

  5. If there were No WHITE people on earth would we still have racism, of course we would, insecure people trying to blame somebody else for everything

    1. 😂 so your telling me because of one man of colour has encouraged his neighbors to buy local not go tescos or asdas it means his now Racist ?

      If you was having a bbq party would you invite the whole community or your own people instead ? Maybe this would help you understand what the poor fella was actually on about 👏🏼🫱🏼‍🫲🏻

  6. Whether you agree with him or not, he’s not the guy that should be bitching about racism. The cock was convicted of racial abuse a few years ago

  7. Except the only racist here is Sinclair, sacked for been a racist in his previous job, so it’s it’s the kettle and the pot situation here

  8. Racism will never go away while people like Sinclair keep going on about it
    Racist people are the worst kind of people
    People have a choice

  9. a tweet coming from a person of colour who has on his record a conviction for racism…..hmmmmmm racism is a two way street…..keep him off the radio, he should be ashamed of himself.

  10. Think he should start a new career .. i heard that there is a chip shop for sale called Jakis he would fit in a treat

  11. What is there to investigate? He has brought himself & TalkSport into disrepute, if you don’t terminate his contract, you are guilty as he is.

  12. He was right what he said , just at the wrong time ,we are from the Commonwealth and out Grandparents got brutalised by the British under the Queens rule and we are not talking 100 years ago we are talking 50 years even less for some people.

  13. Not a great thing to say, and it’s timing not great either. AND people are allowed their opinions AND they are allowed to make mistakes. To me, our society would be better if we weren’t so hypersensitive and we learned to forgive. He is not the only person to have put out a poor tweet, and he certainly won’t be the last either.

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