Trevor Sinclair with a ‘disgraceful’ post after the Queen’s passing

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The former Premier League footballer now talkSPORT pundit Trevor Sinclair has posted an opinion on twitter that is causing a lot of trouble between his followers and others that don’t follow him.

The former Manchester City player has posted

Racism was outlawed in England in the 60’s & its been allowed to thrive so why should black & brown mourn!! #queen‘ 

See it below, will he be kicked off TalkSPORT for this and will he delete this?

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Surely every game in the Premier League will be called off this weekend as a sign for respect for everything she did and of course the head of state. It will be hard to image a lady like her.

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  1. What an absolute disgrace Mr Sinclair is, l for one will never listen to Talk Sport as long as he is allowed to work for that station. Is he not inciting a rift between Black and White. Talk about racism. Unbelievable.

  2. What an absolute Bellend. She can’t directly so these racist idiots. But she has been fantastic for us all and the commonwealth. Racism won’t go if it’s kept being brought up. Sad man

  3. I hope Trevor sinclair gets what’s coming to him, he’s obviously uneducated to say the things he said, not a good combination an uneducated black racist thick ex footballer, there’s a hell of a lot of people who should think themselves very lucky in this day and age, they would of had their thick heads chopped off.

  4. Trevor sinclair was a good footballer who had the chance to play in england a very privlaged life style. I dont think he was treated badly over here as things have changed a lot for the better. He would not have had a better life in any other country have some class and respect. Dissapionted ex fan of yours trevor

  5. The Queen didn’t probably didn’t have a day off in 70 plus years, wasn’t a racist and tried too build bridges, and here we are with someone who thinks he has a voice saying very disrespectful things about the head of the monarchy, who of which when he was in the England team sang the national anthem. You are a false racist which need to keep his opinions to himself.

  6. What a dick ed .you have had a good life from kicking a bag of must have scrounged enough money to live anywhere in the world so if that’s how you feel fxxk off elsewhere. Tell me what part of black lives matter isn’t racial?ALL LIVES MATTER.

  7. Trevor your comments are a disgrace you have already lost your job with the BBC for racially abusing a police officer when you were arrested for drink driving and urinating in a Police Car TalkSport are apparently deciding what action to take haven’t you learnt from your previous mistakes Answer NO

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