🚨Travis Kelce labelled a disgrace after incident with one of the coaches 🤬

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The Super Bowl was on in the early hours last night for any of you that follow the American’s version of rugby .. At one stage in the game Travis Kelce wasn’t happy with one of the coaches and he let his feelings be known. This is completely wrong and shouldn’t be accepted.

See it below with some of the comments also ..

If I was Andy Reid Kelce would be on the bench and heavily fined.
Sneak peak on how he treats Taylor Swift
Professional lip reader here: “I can’t be losing super bowls while my GF is winning grammys!”
Taylor has made him a diva. They both expect to be treated better by eveyone. It’s disgusting
Not cool. I’m not a Chiefs fan but I do respect the hell out of Andy Reid. Mature up, young man.
Less then enthused ? travis kelce physically assaulted the coach
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