(Video) Cyclist suffers broken neck after collision with spectator during Tour de France

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A nasty incident occurred on stage five of the Tour de France after rider Daniel Oss suffered a broken neck in a collision with a spectator.

It’s not unusual to see accidents happen in cycling. When riders are on a bike, travelling at high speeds and battling for position, there is a risk that things can go wrong.

Frustratingly, it’s becoming all the more common for accidents to occur through no fault of the rider, but rather as a consequence of spectator stupidity.

We’re sad to report yet another occurrence of that nature, with Italian rider Daniel Oss having fallen victim to it while competing on stage five of the Tour de France.

As Oss came steaming down the cobbled path, an over-eager spectator stepped out in front of him and subsequently sent him flying off of his bike and onto the floor.

Oss suffered a broken neck in the crash, as per reports. We wish him a speedy recovery and implore onlookers to be more careful in future…