🚨Leinster fans are raging with Munster fans after what they’ve done this evening .. 😬

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What a cracking Champions Cup final between both Leinster and Toulouse at a full house at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium in north London.

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Should give Munster more resources now and see if they have better success. It’s only fair. Leinster have wasted and squandered all.

Atmosphere was poor…Leinster need a fields….Molly isn’t popular amongst the white collars… clubs can’t buy or manufacture passion in their fan base, it has to be authentic, like what we have in Munster! Munster! Munster!

What the biggest disgrace of the day is Munster fans goading Leinster fans – absolute traitors of the highest order. Unbelievably

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  1. As a Munster fan who showed up today in a borrowed Leinster jersey to cheer them on, I find this discussion offensive. There was no evidence of this behavior around me, and anyone I saw in a Munster jersey was supportive and respectful.

    1. I can verify that. One Munster fan near me came to support Leinster. Like me always he supports another Irish team & wants them to win. Fair play.

  2. Absolutely right. We love the rivalry between us, but we still want our fellow Irishmen and women to do the country proud. Leinster are by far the most successful team in Ireland and it comes from sound management and huge talent. I was there today and saw not one Munster or any other clubs represented there today, being nothing but respectful of the Leinster supporters around us.

  3. Utter nonsense. Am from Kildare, gone over 30 years ago. Have always followed and loved Munster their honesty their grit. Leinster is now a colossus of a powerhouse. Happy to support them in these scenarios. But these click bait lies about Munster fans is objectionable!
    Hard luck Leinster! C’mon Ireland.

  4. Trump like fake news. I was at the game bedecked in blue Ulster shirt to support Leinster. Munster supporters in front of us yelled their lungs out rooting for Leinster just as we did. All of us gutted for our Leinster brothers. Atmosphere was terrific.

  5. I never heard such tripe in my life. Munster supports Munster first and any of the other three provinces after that. A great final, probably the best in years.

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