🚨Jon Walters knows how to get the Liverpool fans going as they’re all going MENTAL! 🤣

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The former Republic of Ireland and Stoke City player Jon Walters has been very vocal in his thoughts of the VAR mix up in the Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool game at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Saturday.

The former midfielder has been giving it large on twitter and has some of the LFC faithful going mental! 🤣


A foul is a refs opinion. That’s not the debate here. What happened to Liverpool has never happened before. The refs knew a legitimate goal was scored and chose not to award it. It’s unprecedented and has a serious impact on the integrity of the sport.

Christ Jon they’ll be replaying every Premier League game we played under Pulis at this rate

Newsflash, there’s VAR now that reviews these incidents during the game. Not sure they can retrospectively rule on a game from 11 years ago. I’m sure you were honest enough on the day to tell the ref though.

I dont agree wit a replay ur not getting the point its not a foul thing fouls are opinions wat I might say is a foul u might not this was drawing of lines and talking to the ref offside with lines is black and white either on or off they new they messed up and then done nothing

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