🚨 Tony Bellew rubbishes claims that Deontay Wilder is the ‘hardest hitter’ in the history of the sport

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Tony Bellew does not believe Deontay Wilder is the biggest puncher the sport has ever seen.

Of his 43 wins the American has scored a staggering 42 KOs but Bellew has questioned the credentials of some of his wins.

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Speaking to Spin Bet, Bellew said: “Who has Deontay Wilder actually knocked out? Who is the best name on Deontay Wilder’s record – a 50-year-old Luis Ortiz?”

“I mean what is the best KO he has and who has he actually knocked out? In the grand scheme of things, he hasn’t beat anyone.

“You have built up a monster in Deontay Wilder and labelled him as the biggest puncher in history but don’t be so ridiculous.

He continued: “George Foreman took Joe Frazier off his feet and lifted him off the floor, he hit him so hard. Then he knocked out Ken Norton and the names he has beaten is just phenomenal, it’s frightening it really is.

“To have Deontay Wilder anywhere near the likes of Mike Tyson is insane.

“Mike Tyson knocked out Larry Holmes, who might have been past his best, but then he knocked out a prime Michael Spinks who defeated a prime Larry Holmes.

“You can’t get away from the names and résumés of these fights that Deontay Wilder doesn’t have against a big fighter with a W (win) next to his column.

“He has a few contenders at best, but how many former world champions does Wilder actually have on his record as wins?”

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