🎬 Tony Bellew reveals how he got his acting break in Creed series

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Tony Bellew has opened up on his big acting break in the Creed series.

The former boxer, 41, starred as “Pretty” Ricky Conlan in the Rocky spin-off films Creed and Creed III and revealed exactly how he landed the role to campmates in ‘I’m A Celebrity’.

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He said: ‘[I got] a crazy phone call that I thought was a wind up.

‘I said, “I’ve never acted in my life”. Before I knew it the director flew in. When I met him I thought, “He really wants me to do this. He’s flew all the way from LA. ‘I’m a kid from the streets of Liverpool and I’ve been in a Rocky movie. It’s absolutely insane.’

Bellew was asked what it was like meeting the Rocky star for the first and recalled that Stallone was “sitting there reciting poetry to the screen test.”

On the fight scenes with Michael B Jordan, Bellew continued:

‘The fight scenes were brilliant, I was able to have input. Sly had input, I had input, MBJ had input…

‘Three months we were together doing choreography, Mike hit me once, I clipped him once, but I clipped him on purpose as that’s where he supposedly gets knocked out.’

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