Tomas O’Se: “If you are finished, just say it.”

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The 39 year old and eight time All-Ireland winner Stephen Cluxton has yet to make a decision whether he’ll come back to the Dublin fold this year. Mad stuff when you think of it and the Tomas O’Se and Colm O’Rourke couldn’t see the logic in it.

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“I think it is fascinating that Dessie Farrell doesn’t know, one way or another. You are in Championship. One side of me is saying Cluxton is a legend, he is there so long and gives so much to Dublin. He is entitled to his break.

Another is saying, tell him if you are retired. If you are finished, just say it. Honestly, Dublin are going to be answering questions about this. There is no closure to it.

“I think that is important. He owes Dublin nothing. You would need a show to give him justice and what he has achieved. But we are in the middle of Championship, if he is going to go, just tell the management. They can tell everyone else.

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